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Improve awareness, restore function and regain wellbeing through massage and movement

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78B Nicholson Road



Becky Littlewood

0274 910 901

Rejuvenate Therapy: massage & bodywork has an objective to raise the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of people by promoting and improving individual health, and health outcomes through massage and bodywork. 

I do this by providing therapeutic and relaxation massage, using a variety of techniques that are chosen to meet the specific needs of clients and that promote relaxation and movement, reduce stress, and improve quality of life. These techniques can be used to address headaches and migraines, manage chronic (persistent) pain and arthritis, prevent injury and support recovery from injury, improve wellbeing, provide support to those with eating disorders, and provide relaxation and pain relief in pregnancy and postpartum. Babies are welcome at postpartum sessions. 

I am happy to work with children and adolescents, with a parent/guardian in attendance.

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