Bachelor of therapeutic and sports massage (Southern Institute of Technology) 

Dip. Health Sciences; Therapeutic Massage and Massage & Sports Therapy (NZCM)  

Prenatal Massage Level One and Two (NZCM)

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (Core Exercise Solutions LLC)

Myofascial Release Fundamentals and Lower Body Advanced 

STRAIT Scar Tissue Release Fundamentals

Registered Member Massage New Zealand

Registered Southern Cross Insurance Easy-Claim

Becky helps her clients with headaches and migraines, persistent shoulder, neck, and hip pain, general aches from office work, and maintenance massage for wellbeing.  She works with her clients to improve breathing patterns, reduce the impact of scar tissue, reduce stress, and relax.

Becky has in-depth knowledge of pregnancy adaptations in the body and the impact this can have on posture, alignment, breathing and diaphragm/pelvic floor strength for the postpartum woman.  She is passionate about helping women to restore their equilibrium, from newly postpartum to far beyond, and enjoys the continuity of working with women through pregnancy and into their post birth life.

Swedish Massage

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