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Bachelor of therapeutic and sports massage (Southern Institute of Technology - award for joint-Top Research Project) 
Dip. Health Sciences; Therapeutic Massage and Massage & Sports Therapy (NZCM - award for Academic Excellence)  
Prenatal Massage Level One and Two (NZCM)
Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist certification (Core Exercise Solutions LLC)
Reframe Your Core: Pelvic Health Considerations for Non-Internal Therapists (Reframe Rehab)
Reframe Pelvic Girdle Pain: A 21st Century Approach (Reframe Rehab)

STRAIT Scar Tissue Release Fundamentals

Registered Member Massage New Zealand
Registered Southern Cross Insurance Easy-Claim

My model of clinical practice is a client-centred approach. In my clinic, it is a fundamental part of the client experience that the client story can emerge. This allows you to share your history of your symptoms, what led you to this point, what is impacting you right now, what stress is occurring in your life, what your daily activities are, and how these might be contributing to your healing and movement. Most importantly, it allows you to be heard, and this is a large part of the healing nature of massage. When we are truly heard, we will feel calmer, and feeling calmer will help you to feel better.


Pain science is an area of deep interest for me. One of the roles of massage therapy on persistent pain is to create an analgesic effect on pain through a “conversation” with the nervous system. All touch sends information to the nervous system, working together we combine my knowledge about the body with the expertise YOU have about your body, and what you are feeling, to reach your goals for health and wellbeing.

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