Covid-19 Protection Framework

From 11.59 pm 4th April, vaccine passes will no longer be mandated and it will be down to individual businesses to decide whether or not to continue requiring these. 


Here at Rejuvenate Therapy, keeping clients safe is paramount. It is recognised that Omicron behaves differently to Delta, and to date, most of us will know somebody who has been impacted by Omicron, even those who are fully vaccinated.


However, as Rejuvenate Therapy is based in my home, and in order to provide peace of mind for both my clients and my family, I have decided to proceed with a private vaccine mandate and continue to require vaccine passes. This decision will be regularly reviewed. 


I look forward to continuing to provide you with great service and being part of your journey to wellness. 


As Rejuvenate Therapy is classed as a close-contact business, it will be a requirement under the new framework, and particularly under 'red' and 'orange', to sight and verify vaccine passes for all clients from 3rd December. 

Your 'My Vaccine Pass' can be saved on your phone, or you can save it as a PDF version (and print it out), or call 0800 222 478 to order a paper version. The vaccine pass will contain a QR code with your Covid-19 vaccination information contained within it.


The vaccine pass has been designed to protect your privacy and the information it holds will not be stored on my phone when I scan your pass. All passes can be scanned and verified whether they are saved on your phone, or presented as a paper copy. 

Please be prepared to have this pass scanned before entering the clinic when the new system comes into place. 

You will only need to show this pass once (until it has expired).

Please do not email me your pass. The MoH prefers that this information is not stored so I will not be requesting it via email. 

Please feel free to request to view my vaccine pass in order to feel reassured of my vaccine status. 

Thank you for your continuing support at this time.



Due to the increased transmission rates of Delta, masks will be compulsory for therapists and optional for clients. Please feel free to bring your own mask, or one can be made available for you.


Please note that the massage room is in my home, and the hallway is a communal space. Masks will need to be worn when entering the house. 

Due to the importance of good ventilation, the massage room will be fully aired in between clients. Medical grade wipes containing 70% alcohol (Mediwipes) will be used for cleaning in between clients.  
•    The Covid tracer QR code is placed on the front door, please use this before knocking
•    Please either use the hand sanitiser or wash your hands for 20 seconds in the bathroom adjacent to the massage room before your massage session   


Please reschedule if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness and especially signs of Covid-19:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

Please reschedule if you have been to any locations of interest, if you are awaiting test results, or if you live with a person awaiting test results.